How to boost your performance at A levels

When I was swimming in the school team, the squad is made up of elite swimmers and us average Joes. Those elite swimmers train in swimming clubs that is well manned with a support team that manage every single aspect of their performance. Whilst some of them are swim focused, others delve into the mind, nutrition etc. Whilst at the school side, we end up with a single coach whose teaching includes prescribing sets for us to complete at every session and whose main advice to us is to swim faster.

It was from that time that I decided to delve into the other aspects of competitive swimming. Doing my own stroke corrections, taking care of rest, nutrition etc. I was no expert in any of those fields but began to be sensitive to how they can aid in biological performance. I began dropping times and achieved what I previously couldn’t.

Juxtapose that to A levels. Isn’t it roughly the same? Months and months of prepping for the one final exam (race). Swimming (studying) up and down, lap after lap (topic after topic) trying to drop timing (increase marks). But why is it that most of us spend so much time studying so hard but ignore other more urgent issues. If you are not sleeping well for example, how well do you think you are ready for the exam even though you have got every single detail memorized. Studying harder doesn’t automatically make a student improve in the exams unfortunately. COMMENT.


  • On August 02, 2017