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Just 3 things to get you on track. ⓵ A complete set of H2 Biology notes. ⓶ Memory cards as well as ⓷ Guide to H2 Biology TYS answers.

Tried and Tested

I have been developing and refining my materials since 2004. To sum up, of 2024, that’s 20 years of experience 👴🏻. And I will continue to make it even better for you.

Set your pace

Either go slow to hone your H2 Biology mastery. Or, go fast so as to burn through the content. Vary your speed however your personal and/or exam schedule dictates.


Materials used and also trusted by Nicholas Chan. The first ITE graduate to enter NUS School of medicine. Following BYang’s class of 2017 with H2 Biology new syllabus for the first time.

Nicholas Chan first ITE nursing student to enter NUS medicine using my H2 biology notes

HOW my students found my teaching valuable for their h2 biology exams

Cole Lim, RI 2017

Grade A


Lessons with Ben are without doubt crazy exciting. You never know what’s going to happen in the next class, and he has a knack for twisting things up so lessons are never boring. In fact, his lessons are the ones I most look forward to every week, because he doesn’t just teach us content, but so much more, such as life skills and study hacks. He focuses not only on the A level syllabus, but also aspires to teach us to cultivate ourselves as people with futures far larger than the A levels. What other teacher will teach us the science of sleep and willpower in order to help us achieve the greatest possible efficiency in our studying?

The content he teaches is so amazing as well. Ever since his lesson on DNA and the central dogma, I’ve never forgotten the details about the process, and from then onwards I’ve been able to correct my classmates in school whenever they’re confused about it (it is a rather complex topic). All in all, Ben is a wonderful tutor, one who cares about us as distinct individuals, and not just as customers or as school grades.

byang students using his h2 biology notes

Updated as of 2024

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H2 Biology Complete Memory cards


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H2 Biology TYS Solutions


Updated & Written by BYang

⓵ Arranged by topic

⓶ Based on the examiners report

⓷ Contains marking scheme

⓸ Explanations to common mistakes

⓹ MCQ, SAQ (P2+3), Essays


What are the topics?

1.1 The Cell (Cell organelles) – FREE SAMPLE DOWNLOAD
1.2 The Cell (Stem cells)
1.3 The Cell (Microbiology)
1.4 The Cell (Biomolecules)
1.5 The Cell (Enzymes)
1.6 The Cell (Cell membrane and transport)
1.7 The Cell (Cell division: mammalian)
1.8 The Cell (Cell division: microbiology)
2.1 Genetics (DNA replication & protein synthesis)
2.2 Genetics (Inheritance & variation)
2.3 Genetics (Microbial variation)
2.4 Genetics (Genetics of bacteria)
2.5 Genetics (Control & organization of eukaryotic genome)
2.6 Genetics (DNA mutation & genetic diseases)
2.7 Genetics (Cancer)
2.8 Genetics (Molecular techniques)
3.1 Energy & Response (Cellular respiration)
3.2 Energy & Response (Photosynthesis)
3.3 Energy & Response (Cell signalling)
3.4 Diversity & Evolution
4.1 Extension (Immunology)
4.2 Extension (Infectious diseases)
4.3 Extension (Climate change)

Is there a paynow option?

Yes, but you will have to TEXT +65 87557545 for paynow information as well as provide your email so that the materials can be sent to you.

Are H2 Biology notes updated?

Of course, they are updated for the exam year. In fact, you will find that my materials are not just current to the exam year 2024, I also try to use examiner phrasing whenever possible and also cross reference ideas across different topics.

Can you help me with bio?

Of course, but you will first have to join my class in order for me to do so. I conduct very small classes but am currently not taking any more. Pls TEXT +65 87557545 so that you will be able to wait-list. In the meantime, Go to my YouTube channel and leave a comment in any of my videos and I will try to make a video to address it or answer you directly.