is a very hard subject to score an A. Those who take the subject either love it or they are planning to get into Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Traditional Chinese Medicine. These are some of the hardest courses to gain admission in any university. Because they qualify graduates into specialized professions which have small cohorts and stringent admission criteria. You can join my H2 BIO tuition class to increase the chance of scoring the A.


H2 BIO tuition can help you to clarify what you need and don’t need for the final exams. H2 BIO syllabus one of the most comprehensive and the least standardized compared to all other subjects. Most school teachers teach way beyond the required syllabus. Others skip important topics and tell their students to learn it on their own. Come assessment time, everything is included and questions least expected comes out leading to consistently poor performance.

Did you know

the H2 bio syllabus is overhauled from 2016? This syllabus has been examined for the first time in 2017. This is quite unfortunate as the syllabus is drastically different including the exam format. It means students can no longer fully depend on the 10 year series. Some school teachers hope to get away by recycling as much material as possible whilst others are waiting for other colleagues to come up with new materials so that they can ‘copy and paste’. So you end up with sub-par preparation for one of the most important exam of your life to date.


What if there is someone who can cut through all the chaos and volumes of knowledge down to the most essential whilst helping you to make sense of what each topic is about, how to relate to each other and what is most important for exams. That is what I have been doing full time since 2004.


Excelling in exams is not only about content mastery. My students pick up skills of how to achieve peak biological performance during stressful exam periods. They learn about exam diets, psychological boosters, sleep and memory techniques. Most importantly, we break down the rules of the game and apply targeted strategies to maximize gaining of marks. You also get a specially curated exam checklist to reduce error rates.

What my student say after joining my H2 BIO TUITION

Camelia Lim Qi En (RI 2017)
I wouldn’t exactly call this place a H2 BIO tuition center. Not only does Mr Yang teach us Biology concepts and question answering techniques, he also cares a lot for the students and even talks to us about the importance of resting and relaxing when we are tired.

The kind of relationship he shares with his students really cannot be found anywhere else. The Biology lessons are engaging and fun and they truly remind me about the reasons why I decided to choose biology in JC. It has been an enriching and fun experience acquiring more in-depth biology knowledge from Mr Yang’s classes.

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