The reasons to consider universities outside of Singapore for your undergraduate studies

Singaporean JC students generally are preoccupied with getting good grades so that they stand a better fighting chance for entrance to local universities.

Unfortunately, this group thinking mentality only serves as a detriment to their chances of entry. Firstly because it has been known that the Education Ministry puts hard caps on the university admissions rates for the locals.

Secondly, this inflates demand which increases the difficulty of gaining admissions.

I always ask my students to consider overseas universities. Instead of fighting tooth and nail for admissions, why not apply to foreign universities who will welcome Singaporean students with open arms and even offer generous scholarships?

Because the environment is different, students who pursue an overseas education may then adopt a different outlook towards employment and life. This is aided by network and international exposure advantages not least because they also have increased opportunities for staying in these countries for employment. A fact recently reinforced after a coffee meetup an ex-student who left for the UK and recently graduated medical school, who then found a training position in the UK afterwards. With a decent salary, a reasonable workload, and a generous grant for choosing to train as a general practitioner.

This article in fact brings to light that another country is also hungry for regional students. With all these opportunities out there why are you still not considering them? COMMENT.


  • On July 21, 2017