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4.1 Immunology 🛡


Introduction to immunology

Immunology is an extension JC2 topic in H2 BIOLOGY in A levels. This is a new topic students see in exams for the first time in 2017. It is about the various aspects of how humans use innate or develop adaptive responses to any foreign bodies, as well as how each of these elements cross talk with the other. Specifically, the various branches of adaptive immunity and how it works which includes antibody structure and function. Finally, how knowledge of immunology can apply to applications such as vaccination in order to reduce infectious disease spread.

Materials for immunology

  • 👆🏻 an explanation of natural immunity versus COVID vaccines.
  • 👆🏻 an illustration of the science of herd immunity and why vaccine passports make no sense.
  • A video giving an overview of the immune system.
  • Another video summary: vaccination risks.
  • Download diagrams (high resolution) – FREE!
  • Purchase notes (including phrasing error corrections & review question solutions) for immunology.
  • BUY FULL pre-recorded class ⌲ includes 5 videos, 1 concept map, 1 set of notes

Phrasing errors

  • Lymphocytes produce antibodies.
  • After the first exposure to a pathogen, the innate immunity develops memory.
  • Tc cells kills intracellular viruses by causing the infected host cells to burst and die.
  • The same V and J gene segments codes for heavy and light chain variable domains, in addition, D gene segments also code for heavy chain.
  • Innate and adaptive immunity works separately, whilst innate immunity contributes to primary response and the adaptive immunity contributes to secondary response.

Exam tips

  • Somatic hypermutation ≠ somatic recombination.
  • T and B cells/lymphocytes can be used interchangeably.
  • Lymphocyte activation ≠ proliferation ≠ effector function.
  • Primary & secondary immune responses ≠ primary & secondary lymphoid organs and tissues.

BYang’s tough question bank

  • Vaccinations may be used for diseases other than infections, name a situation where this may occur as well as including what it should comprise of? [2m. Created 200930]
  • There is a tremendous pressure on the evolution of adaptive immunity of an individual. Explain why this contradicts divergent evolution and state how this contradiction is possible? [6m. Created 200930]
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