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2.4 Genetics of Bacteria 🔔🔕

genetics of bacteria

Introduction to genetics of bacteria

Genetics of bacteria is a core JC1 topic in H2 BIO A levels. This topic traces the processes of how gene expression occurs in prokaryotes. As such bringing in the concept of an operon of which there are 2. The lactose and tryptophan operon each behaves differently to help the bacteria function and survive. And it is a basis from which more complex eukaryotes system that follows in the next topic.

Materials for genetics of bacteria

YouTube video

Phrasing errors

  • Structural genes of the trp operon code for tryptophan directly.

Exam tips

  • Describe regulatory genes with care. It should be: upstream as well as outside their respective operons.
  • Positive control ≠ negative control. They have their own separate control mechanisms and are non overlapping in most cases.