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1.6 Cell Membrane & Transport π

cell membrane & transport

Introduction to cell membrane & transport

Cell membrane and transport is a core JC1 topic in H2 BIO A levels. This topic identifies the structure as well as function of the components of the cell membranes. In addition, the way different substances get transported across these membranes. Also, it builds upon the foundation of biomolecules.

Materials for cell membrane & transport

YouTube video

Phrasing errors

  • Cholesterol is hydrophobic.
  • The cell membrane is hydrophobic.
  • The cell membrane is semi-permeable.
  • Facilitated diffusion uses only channel proteins.
  • A membrane bilayer is the same as double membrane.

Exam tips

  • Receptor-mediated endocytosis ≠ endocytosis.
  • Phospholipids ≠ triglycerides (differences exist in structure, function and location in a cell).