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Nandika Ramachandran, AJC – A (2017), multiple offers from local universities

Every tuition teacher can cover the syllabus for you. But, I think that no other can do so at the standard that Mr Yang has done it at. Why? Not only had he extracted key concepts and elaborated upon them thoroughly in class, but he also had gone above and beyond to teach his students little tips and tricks on how better to improve the mind, body and soul. He had lessons dedicated to analyzing question types and how best to format your answers, and also set aside time to talk to his students about improving willpower and sleep quality. Mr Yang is one of the most dedicated teachers I know who teaches not for any other reason, but to share his passion toward Biology with his students. After Mr Yang’s sharing of tips on question analysis, my grades jumped 4 bands! It was the best I had ever scored in Biology! Before attending Mr Yang’s lessons, I felt as if all hope was lost for me scoring a good grade in Biology at the A level exam, mainly because the Biology syllabus is daunting to say the least. But my opinion changed after I met Mr Yang. Mr Yang condenses information and uses creative methods to help his students remember key information and content. I would highly recommend Mr Yang’s lessons for anyone who seems to be on the verge of giving up for Biology. Back to top

Loo Wee Sing, ACJC – B (2017) NUS Computer Science

I signed up for Ben’s class after I received my term exam results. They were utterly devastating. I had many questions on Biology and couldn’t seem to piece the puzzle of it all together. Having almost retained in the first year, coupled with my inability to show much improvement, I was desperately looking for a way to boost my grades, considering it was the crucial A level milestone year. When I first stepped into Ben’s class, Ben’s approachable and welcoming demeanor was clear and evident from the start. He insisted on helping me find a motive for studying Biology, something I had always kept at the back of my mind and never seriously considered. He welcomed critical thought and intellectual sparring on the concepts we are taught in school. Instinctively, I knew that the first lesson was going to be more than the usual trial lessons. The logical and straightforward way Ben carries out the tackling of individual questions and the proverbial “question types” resonated with me. It was with his approach that I was able to finally jump 2 grades during my mid years in school. All along, I was a straight U student, nearly the bottom 15th percentile of my cohort for all my subjects.

However, with Ben’s guidance, my biology grade finally managed to improve and begin to see some progress. I managed an E for my Midyear examination, which many JC Biology students can agree that to even pass biology in JC is quite an uphill task. However, I was still disappointed with my grades as I knew an E was not enough to do decently in the A levels. However, Ben was always very encouraging and understanding when it came to the rigor of the A Level Biology syllabus. It is through Ben that I was able to learn the importance of the intangible aspects of my life like determination and perseverance in pushing through what seemed to be performance plateaus. Ultimately, I managed to attain a D for the Preliminary Examinations, with a decent percentile as well. Above all, Ben has taught me not simply Biology. His energy packed classes and interesting approach to learning also allowed my A Level journey to be more enriched and not simply a monotonous drilling session that so many JCs in Singapore are accustomed to and even brand it as mandatory. I have personally benefited greatly from Ben’s guidance throughout my A level preparations. Ben thoroughly captures the spirit of education in every 2-hour class that he puts much effort in to conduct. For that, I am eternally grateful.

Md Sirhan Arjunadi, ACJC – A (2017), multiple offers from local universities

When I first came to him, my grasp of Biology wasn’t good, but it wasn’t exactly in shambles either. Surprisingly, he came to me! Right inside my grandmother’s home. It was a surprisingly unorthodox way of meeting a student for the first time, but yet here he was. It gave me insight into the lengths he would take for his students. He did the typical, telling me of my untapped potential and how his classes were conducted, but he also did the unexpected, by handing me a book and telling me to write all my aspirations and goals on it, and to repeat it every single day, including new entries as i saw fit. He called it ‘A Book of Affirmations’, and said that it would help keep my mind focused on my future. To that end, he told me that during his tenure with me, not only would we be learning biology for the sake of it, but also as a means to accomplishing those ends that I so desperately want to see realized.

A fictional character I similarly held in high regard once said: “Many believe that it takes great power to defeat great evil. But that is not what I have found. It is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keeps the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love.

If A Levels was a great evil (and it is), my search for a great power to defeat it ended with Mr Yang. He was no great power certainly, but he taught me how a small book and a little bit of determination was sometimes all it takes to better yourself. With his help, my Bio not only began to see visible increments in grades (E to a B within two exams), but I also began to rediscover how fun it was and the reason i took it in the first place. Every lesson always begins with something new, and seemingly totally unrelated to Biology, but amazingly, and yes, I do mean amazingly, he finds a way to link it with the concepts he starts to teach. There’s something fresh and interesting to his sense of ingenuity in the way he teaches Bio. In class he sets the standard for both punctuality and energy. There is a clear difference between ending on a high and starting there, and Mr Yang can do both while maintaining the energy throughout the lesson. Mr Yang is my personal image of what a teacher should be. He approaches biology, and indeed life itself it seems, with an enthusiasm and candor that I haven’t quite seen from any teacher before him. If you were to join the ranks of his students, and you should, be prepared, you will never be the same again. Back to top

Vinessa Martin, CJC – A (2020) SMU Law

When I joined Mr Yang’s class after my MYEs in J1, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was doing pretty decently in Biology, oscillating between high Bs and low As in my tests and exams. However, I joined Mr Yang’s class with the hope that I will be able to secure a high A in my exams, and with Mr Yang’s help, I achieved just that!

Mr Yang’s approach to the subject is far from conventional. Unlike other tuition teachers who simply teach the syllabus, Mr Yang doesn’t just teach us Biology. He teaches us how to excel in it. Having spent many years analyzing the syllabus, Mr Yang is extremely well versed with how our examiners set the papers. As such, after ensuring that his students have a strong foundation in the subject, Mr Yang then shows us how to ace our exams by teaching us essential exam skills. He teaches us how to anticipate the kind of questions we will see, and how to craft the types of responses our examiners will be looking for. I have personally found his lessons on question analysis extremely useful, as they have helped me streamline my answers, ensuring that I not only excelled in my school exams, but also in my A levels!

Mr Yang goes above and beyond in every single lesson. Not only does he ensure that we have a solid content knowledge through his constant quizzing, but he also strives to give his students a competitive edge in every way possible. Throughout the course of my two years in his class, he has taught the class many tips and tricks on how to optimize our exam performance by giving us advice on how to improve our lifestyle, from the way we sleep to the foods we should eat. The tips he’s given us have been invaluable, and have helped me to perform not only in Biology but in life as a whole.

All in all, I do not think that it would have been possible to achieve what I did without Mr Yang’s help. Apart from simply being an excellent teacher, Mr Yang cares about each and every student under his care. He puts in special effort to ensure that no one is left behind in his class, and that everybody has a chance to participate and to learn. Although his rapid-fire questions and constant quizzing may seem intimidating at first, Mr Yang ensures that his classes are a safe and welcoming environment for every student to identify the gaps in their knowledge and to work on them. His endless dedication to helping his students achieve their best and his genuine care and concern for everyone he teaches make him a wonderful teacher, and I am very glad that I had him supporting me on the roller-coaster ride that was my A Level journey! Back to top

Lim Wan Lin, EJC – A (2018) NUS Dentistry

Having done badly for lecture tests and the JC1 mid-year assessment for biology, I was frantically seeking help for the subject. It was when I stumbled upon BYang’s H2 biology classes that I’ve decided to give it a shot. Little did I know that joining BYang’s biology lessons have not only strengthened my foundation in Biology but also allowed me to learn many new examination skills that are unable to be derived from elsewhere. BYang’s lessons were out of the ordinary. Every lesson, he would never fail to get the class to participate in discussions by asking questions and making sure that every student has a chance to voice out their answers. Through the active participation in class, I found myself grasping the content for the subject better. Slowly and surely, I was able to understand abstract concepts better. He would always be happy to clarify any doubts that we had, be it during lessons or online. Eventually, with the guidance of BYang, I managed to do well for the end of year examinations for biology.

Lessons with BYang gets more and more exciting. I would find myself looking forward to his lessons every week. During my second year of attending lessons, BYang introduced a series of examination skills to us to better prepare us for the final A level examinations. These series of skills was thoughtfully and carefully crafted by BYang himself. He would experiment with the skills to ensure that they were effective before teaching it to us. Personally, I’ve employed some of BYang’s examination skills to my studies and these skills have certainly helped me greatly with my studies. For example, he taught us a few techniques on how to achieve better sleep. After employing the techniques, I found myself more energized and was able to concentrate better, especially during exam periods. These skills that he taught were invaluable and could also be applied to the study of other subjects and also our everyday lives.

I have definitely gained so much from my two-year journey with BYang. It was only with the patient guidance of BYang, that I was able to perform well for biology at the A level examinations. However, my biggest takeaway was the skills that I have learnt during his lessons that I feel would bring me far beyond academic pursuits. I am really grateful that my stumbling upon his classes ended up with me learning so many valuable lessons. Back to top

Janice Ng, MJC – B (2018) NUS Business

In the first half of J1, I had this impression that biology was all about rote memorization without any understanding. However, after half a year of taking bio in JC, I realized that it wouldn’t be easy to get a decent grade if I was just going to memorize the content blindly. After consistently getting many Us in my school test and exams, I started to lose interest in bio and even doubted my decision of taking bio in JC. I was on the verge of giving up and that was when I discovered Mr Yang online.

Mr Yang was unlike other tutors who would subconsciously neglect the weaker students in class. Instead, he ensures that every student participate actively during the lessons. Initially, due to the lack of my content knowledge, I felt very intimidated by his endless questions that require us to have a broad picture of all topics, as the questions usually involve the cross-linking of content from different topics. However, the inability to answer his questions made me realize that there are a lot of gaps that needs to be filled. This motivated me to revise my content and have the content at the back of my hands. Being an introvert, it was sometimes stressful to ask questions in front of the entire class. However, through the constant questioning and answering, I learnt how to speak up (which is an important life skill). Also, the friendly people in the class made it safe for me to ask questions comfortably.

Mr Yang also taught us exam skills such as question type analysis and sleeping hacks, in addition to content. This allowed me to see a significant improvement in terms of my exam grades and most importantly, my grasp of the content was improving in ways that I would have never imagined possible.

Of the many times that I started to doubt myself, Mr Yang would always make himself available to provide invaluable advice, allowing me to regain my self-confidence again. There have been ups and downs in my journey towards A levels but I am definitely glad that I made the decision to have Mr Yang supporting me through my journey to the A-levels. Back to top

Rachel Tan Kheng Lin, NJC – B (2018) NUS Business

Mr Yang delivers content like a zigsaw puzzle. Each piece is carefully crafted to leave just the essence. Not only is each piece a masterpiece, the linkages between the many pieces join together to paint a magnificent picture. Mr Yang is one who can enable students to capture biological concepts and to see how they can be interlinked. Not only is Mr Yang able to convey the content in the above manner, the lessons planned out are often inspiring and interesting. There is also coverage on aspects beyond the syllabus, to nurture us into becoming individuals with a heightened sense of community as well as resilience. To be able to become more enriched in terms of mind, body and soul under Mr Yang’s passionate guidance is certainly a privilege that I hope to share with other students out there.

Vaarsha Nair, NJC – B (2017) NUS Life Science

After getting back my promos results, my self-esteem was at an all time low. I had not done well at all, and was forced to drop one of my H2 subjects to H1. This was the point at which I joined Mr Yang’s class, in a bid to improve my grades. By the time the next exam rolled around, not only had I jumped two grades in Biology, my confidence had risen as well, thanks to Mr Yang. The commitment he has for his students and the assurance and encouragement he gives us every week was the reason for this. This had really helped ease mine and my parents’ minds, as they visibly noticed a change in my attitude towards studies and saw that I was much more motivated to do well. Back to top

Chen Ying Jie, NYJC – A (2017) NTU Psychology

Mr Yang is a dedicated educator who indeed lives up to his ‘making a difference in this world 1 student at a time’ mantra. His teaching curriculum is highly relevant to the A H2 level Bio syllabus, accompanied with useful diagrams and illustrations to aid in consolidation of knowledge. With such a tutor who knows the syllabus like the back of his hand, one would be assured that their questions and misconceptions would be addressed promptly. His strategies class has personally benefited me, for his pedagogy of dissecting the question has helped me to structure my answers more succinctly. Despite his hectic schedule, Mr Yang was more than willing to make time out of class to have consultations with me and identify the weaknesses in my answering. All these have served to improve my confidence and grades significantly in the subject. Back to top

Pearlyn Tay, PJC – B (2017) NTU Psychology

Back in Dec 2016, I was experiencing countless problems and issues with my school management and my CCA. Also, the school management was constantly going against a group of us and forced us to a corner. So I thought to myself, if the school isn’t going to do their best to help us students, the only thing I can do to help myself is to study harder and achieve better results! However, I was nearly retained because of a U grade for H2 Biology during my Promotional Exams. Feeling helpless, I went on to Google and found Mr Benjamin Yang’s tuition website and decided to give it a try! After several months, I had a much better grasp of my Biology content and my Bio grade improved! Mr Yang is also extremely patient when it comes to clearing our doubts be it in class or out of class. Revision classes are also thorough and in-depth! Back to top

Ho Qian Xin Luke, RI – A (2020) SMU, Business

Under Mr Yang’s tutelage, one would describe him to be someone who genuinely integrates his belief of optimizing the body and mind to achieve maximum performance, in the context of H2 BIO.

2 simple reasons as to why Mr Yang is a great tutor would be his comprehensive grasp of H2 BIO content translating into purposeful memorable lessons as well as making himself available as a platform for students to seek help with their academic and even personal struggles.

In a nutshell, my complete disinterest in H2 BIO in JC1 had only experienced a 180 flip only a few months before the actual A levels, and Mr Yang had unequivocally played a significant role in allowing me to derive a little sense of connection with seemingly rote content. This is facilitated by his thoughtful accountability of every student’s pace which further spurs everyone to learn together conducively.

Cole Lim, RI – A (2017)

Lessons with Ben are crazy exciting. You never know what’s going to happen in the next class, and he has a knack for twisting things up so lessons are never boring. In fact, his lessons are the ones I most look forward to every week, because he doesn’t just teach us content, but so much more, such as life skills and study hacks. He focuses not only on the A level syllabus, but also aspires to teach us to cultivate ourselves as people with futures far larger than the A levels. What other teacher will teach us the science of sleep and willpower to help us achieve the greatest possible efficiency in our studying? Of course, the content he teaches is so amazing as well. Ever since his lesson on DNA and the central dogma, I’ve never forgotten the details about the process, and from then onwards I’ve been able to correct my classmates in school whenever they’re confused about it (it is a rather complex topic). All in all, Ben is a wonderful tutor, one who cares about us as distinct individuals, and not just as customers or as school grades.

Camelia Lim Qi En, RI – B (2017)

I wouldn’t exactly call this place a tuition center. Not only does Mr Yang teach us Biology concepts and question answering techniques, he also cares a lot for the students and even talks to us about the importance of resting and relaxing when we are tired. The kind of relationship he shares with his students really cannot be found anywhere else. The Biology lessons are engaging and fun and they truly remind me about the reasons why I decided to choose biology in JC. It has been an enriching and fun experience acquiring more in-depth biology knowledge from Mr Yang’s classes. Back to top

Chua Xuan Jing, RVHS – B (2017)

Through this biology tuition I have learned many things, even beyond academic wise. I learnt about the different question types, such as the difference between describe, how and why, and knowing specifically how to answer them. Every lesson is interesting with a different video, whether it is just for laughs or there lies a message with a deeper meaning from which we can learn from. Mr Yang is also very patient when answering our queries, and also altered TYS answers in order to fit the new syllabus. He also often tells us how biology is related to our daily lives and also introduced us ways to improve our memory which is important for such a content heavy subject. Back to top

Puah Yi Hao, SAJC – A (2017) NTU Data Science & A.I.

Mr Yang’s classes are very interesting and helpful, it doesn’t just focus on the subject itself, but he also teaches us techniques to study and memorize biology better. During his lessons, he usually recaps on the topics and I find them very useful, especially when coming back from a break after an exam or right before the exam. I am very thankful to Mr Yang, as ever since joining his class in early J1 I have been able to score A for almost every H2 Biology exam in J1 and J2.

Chee Wai Ern, SAJC – B (2018), NTU Arts

Due to how easy O level biology was, I had once assumed that even if A level Biology was supposed to be harder, with a bit of hard work, it wouldn’t be that hard to attain a decent grade. Unfortunately, it was actually much harder than I thought and I ended up getting a U or S in every examination. In desperation, I decided to seek for help and stumbled upon Mr Yang’s classes. By then, I was already in J2 and approximately half the year had gone past. My foundation was in shambles, my content severely lacking, my understanding non-existent. All I had were giant patches of memorized information that after attending Mr Yang’s lesson I realized was inaccurate and lacking. Luckily,  Mr Yang continually held extra content lessons by the side on problematic topics or topics requested by several students. During Mr Yang’s lessons, he would focus on the most important portions of the topic, explaining in extreme detail about the processes to ensure that we would be able to gain a dearer understanding so that we can apply our content on application questions. 

Of course, what set Mr Yang’s lessons apart from others’ is his dedication towards his students and the details. Mr Yang’s compass like insistence on the small amount of students in every class ensures that unlike other mainstream tutors, his lessons are extremely focused on us. He pays lots of attention to every one of us and gives us many opportunities to interact with him and every single question we have. Furthermore, his commitment to provide for us the optimum conditions to excel in has led him to experiment on his own lifestyle habits in dozens of different areas, such as the effects of different diets and the effects of different sleeping under different conditions. In fact I would say that perhaps, his only vice is his inability to ever finish his lessons on time (have you met any tutor that always ends their lessons approximately 0.5h to 1h late?). However this on the flip side is also a highlight of his virtues; his dedication towards finishing what he starts, his sense of responsibility towards ensuring his students understand all the content he has taught, his devotion and care towards his students and his willingness to sacrifice his personal time for the benefit of his students. Back to top

Chee Kai Jun, TJC – A (2017) NUS Life Sciences

Mr Yang is an inspiring tutor who constantly seeks to motivate students to the best of his abilities. He goes beyond what is expected of a Biology tutor by enriching our learning experience with other important life skills that school teachers tend to neglect. His approach to solving challenging questions is organized and structured in a way that enables us to tackle the questions effectively. The delivery of his lessons is fluent and thoroughly shows his deep mastery of the subject content.

Elizabeth Megan Tan, TJC – A (2018), SMU Political Science

“You should have taken Physics.”

What started as a joke from my physics friend quickly became a recurring thought when I looked at anything related to biology. I started to dread reading my bio notes.

Then I joined the BYANG tribe in my second year. My first class was on protein synthesis but it honestly did not feel like a class at all. In fact, I walked out smiling and looking forward to the next lesson. Mr Yang has such a unique way of imparting knowledge that it makes bio seem like an easy feat. His passion for teaching and for biology shows in the way he delivers his lessons with zeal and zest. Mr Yang doesn’t just teach you what to study for bio, he also teaches you how to study for bio, something crucial that other tuition teachers tend to overlook. The fostering of a BYANG tribe helped me feel more at ease during lessons, making it easier to speak up and clarify doubts or engage in intellectual sparring with Mr Yang.

Seven months with Mr Yang changed me from someone praying for a pass, to a student more confident in herself and working for her A grade. H2 Biology finally made sense to me and I gained the courage and confidence to look through the mountain of bio notes. Ultimately, under the guidance of Mr Yang, I subconsciously stopped wondering “what if I took physics” and instead enjoyed every moment learning biology. Back to top

Daryl Tang, TPJC – B (2018) NTU Biological Sciences

I’ve attended BYANG’s biology tuition since June of 2017 because of the un-clearness of my school teacher’s lessons. After 3 months in school, unsure of even the basics (such as biomolecules – proteins/carbohydrates/fats) , I joined his class under the insistence of my classmate who shared the sentiments as me regarding Biology taught at school. Mr Yang’s tuition focuses on mastering the basics (having them at your fingertips) and then applying them with the use of fluid intelligence (a skill he trains us in). Mr Yang also incorporates an additional 30 minutes to his normal 2 hour classes to teach us life hacks (such as how to optimize sleep, exam performance and energy levels). During my two years in JC, I had 5 different tuition classes (from reputable tutors in Singapore), one for each subject. I consider Mr Yang to be primus inter pares because of his dedication which he demonstrates to his students during his class. Each lesson is specially crafted by him to cultivate in students: content knowledge, question answering skills and exam strategy. This slowly but surely builds each student up for the A-levels. After his training, the A-levels just felt like another trial run, something I feel very comfortable to tackle. Back to top

Denise Tng, YJC – B (2017)

I remembered that when I was in JC 1, I had a lot of commitments towards my CCA as I was a student leader. There were many activities and events to plan for my fellow peers that resulted in me having to sacrifice study breaks to plan for those events. I had less than sufficient time to revise my work, and biology was my weakest subject. I went online to search for bio tuition near my house and I am fortunate enough to chance upon this byang tuition. Ever since I joined, I never wanted to stop this journey with the BYANG tribe!

Shaine Wong Hong Xuan, YJC (2018)

As a person who loves biology even when I was attending secondary school, I didn’t hesitate to take biology again at the H2 level in JC. However, I received the biggest shock of my life when I received my results for the block test in J1 and obtained an E for the Biology exam. I had no idea that there was a rather large disparity between the secondary school syllabus and the JC biology syllabus. Desperate to try to get back on track with my grades since there is only a 2 year runway for the JC curriculum, I joined Mr Yang’s class from a recommendation from my mother’s friend. Mr Yang’s teaching is unlike most teachers, as I could see, as he used his own materials, followed the syllabus document closely and even left the notes with only diagrams so that we could write our own notes, an extremely helpful tool to consolidate information that is beneficial to yourself (and not fall asleep in class HAHA). He also quizzes us on content knowledge on anything every lesson so that we remember our content thoroughly. Eventually, I could also see my content knowledge increasing by leaps and bounds, and even when I am doing papers I do not need to refer to my notes since he taught us how to remember content in a logical manner during lessons.

Aarthi Sathis Kumar, YJC (2018)

I could sense that Mr Yang’s lessons were different from the get-go. I knew I needed his expertise in Biology as it being a subject of interest to me, it was often upsetting to receive grades that did not reflect the effort I put in, even until end of year 1 in JC. His lessons on content are concise yet impactful, alleviating the pain of flipping through endless pages of school notes trying to comprehend the essence of the various topics. He also enlightened us about vital question-answering techniques which contribute a great deal to the H2 Biology grade. This put many of us students out of our misery as we eventually witnessed our hard work being reflected in our grades, first-hand. Academics aside, I learnt much more than merely Biology within the walls of the classroom, something I had never fathomed to be possible. Mr Yang taught us many mind-blowing life hacks which I continue to use in my daily life post-‘A’ levels. He also stresses the importance of camaraderie between us students regardless of the schools we come from or the different levels of understanding of the subject that we may have. Surprisingly, the support from one another spurred us on towards the finishing line in ways I never imagined possible. The timely collective effort was definitely much needed the face of the daunting road ahead. Having said that, joining lessons with Mr Yang was probably one of the best decisions I have made throughout these 2 years of utter torment to say the least. Back to top

Liew Zheng Long, YIJC – B (2021) SMU Information Systems

Before joining Mr. Yang’s classes, I struggled with the ability to answer questions well as I could not analyze them correctly. As the school teachers do not identify our problems when marking our work, I would always attribute my poor scores to my lack of content knowledge, since Biology is known to be a content-heavy subject. But thanks to Mr. Yang’s exam strategies classes, I managed to acquire the skill of analyzing questions correctly. By understanding the demands of the questions, I finally escaped the trap of not being able to answer questions accurately despite having the relevant content knowledge.

Mr. Yang teaches the topics of the subject like chapters of a story. Each topic connects well with one another, and it felt as if a story is unfolding itself as more topics are covered. The quality of his lectures vastly differs from the ones in school, where topics are taught in a slow, monotonous manner. In fact, those school lectures were so uninteresting that my friend would resort to self-learn the topics with just the school’s notes. However, the notes aren’t very helpful either, as they are filled with complex, unnecessary information that is not required for the syllabus in the first place. Life as an A-level Biology student does not have to be this difficult, but the amount of excessive information that the school dumps on their students has made tuition a necessity.

I could fondly remember being so lost in the lecture theater, staring at the triple helix and asking myself how Biology could become such an intimidating subject all of a sudden. But after becoming a member of the BYang tribe, Mr. Yang managed to ignite my interest in Biology again, and everything about the subject made sense ever since.Back to top

Christie Png, Private (2017) NUS Bioengineering

Being an A level re-taker, I was in a demoralized state. However, just as I was devoid of hope, Mr Yang kindly accepted me into the class despite the fact that I was studying the old biology syllabus. Mr Yang’s class treated me with warmth and the positivity emanated sufficed in helping me conquer the psychological impacts associated with failure. We exchanged notes and words of encouragement as everyone united towards a common goal and battled the same adversities. Mr Yang’s care for his students transcends grades as he regularly showcased motivational videos, as well as thought-provoking speeches centering on resilience, career and educational pathways and study tips. His lessons were helpful in the internalizing of abstract biology concepts as he linked up chunks of information using mind-maps. Categorization and analysis of approaches to various question types during lessons helped me immensely as I gradually grasped the skill of tailoring my knowledge to suit question requirements. Back to top