First of all, I organize my set of H2 BIOLOGY notes by topic and groups below for your convenience. They are written to align closely with the official SEAB syllabus so that you know what is definitely required. Each topic includes descriptive notes, accompanying diagrams and a concept map (CMAP) which links different concepts/key terms together. This is to help you have a bird’s eye view of the topic and how they relate to each other. Corrections of frequently encountered phrasing errors as well as answers to review questions complete each set of descriptive notes. Accompanying diagrams are included as a bonus to help you visualize concepts.

Once you have made the purchase, (via PAYPAL) you’d be given a link to download the digital documents within 12 hours. Thereafter, the purchase entitles you to improved/updated versions of the notes throughout the year. This will ensure that you have the best version at any point in time to be fully equipped for the A levels.

H2 BIOLOGY Notes by Individual Topic (9.99/set)

1.1 The Cell (Microanatomy) – FREE SAMPLE
1.2 The Cell (Stem cells)
1.3 The Cell (Microbiology)
1.4 The Cell (Biomolecules)
1.5 The Cell (Enzymes)
1.6 The Cell (Cell membrane and transport)
1.7 The Cell (Cell division: mammalian)
1.8 The Cell (Cell division: microbiology)
2.1 Genetics (DNA replication & protein synthesis)
2.2 Genetics (Inheritance & variation)
2.3 Genetics (Microbiological variation)
2.4 Genetics (Genetics of bacteria)
2.5 Genetics (Control & organization of eukaryotic genome)
2.6 Genetics (DNA mutation & genetic diseases)
2.7 Genetics (Cancer)
2.8 Genetics (Molecular techniques)
3.1 Energy & Response (Cellular respiration)
3.2 Energy & Response (Photosynthesis)
3.3 Energy & Response (Cell signalling)
3.4 Diversity & Evolution
4.1 Extension (Immunology)
4.2 Extension (Infectious diseases)
4.3 Extension (Climate change)

H2 BIOLOGY Notes by Group Topic (39.99/set)

1. The Cell
2. Genetics
3. Energy & Response + Evolution
4. Extension topics

Complete H2 BIOLOGY Notes, for JC1 and 2 (49.99/set)

What my student say about me

Cole Lim (RI 2017)
Lessons with Ben are crazy exciting. You never know what’s going to happen in the next class, and he has a knack for twisting things up so lessons are never boring. In fact, his lessons are the ones I most look forward to every week, because he doesn’t just teach us content, but so much more, such as life skills and study hacks. He focuses not only on the A level syllabus, but also aspires to teach us to cultivate ourselves as people with futures far larger than the A levels. What other teacher will teach us the science of sleep and willpower to help us achieve the greatest possible efficiency in our studying?

The content he teaches is so amazing as well. Ever since his lesson on DNA and the central dogma, I’ve never forgotten the details about the process, and from then onwards I’ve been able to correct my classmates in school whenever they’re confused about it (it is a rather complex topic). All in all, Ben is a wonderful tutor, one who cares about us as distinct individuals, and not just as customers or as school grades.

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