Introduction to enzymes

    • Enzymes is a core JC1 topic in H2 BIO A levels. This topic explores what these mostly protein molecules are. In addition, describing their structure and functions as well as how they are affected by the environment. This topic will be recurring in future topics and is a favourite concept for examinations either in the main papers or in practicals.

    A selection of materials for enzymes

    Most common phrasing errors made by students during exams

    • Increase in kinetic energy of enzymes/particles results in more collisions per unit time

    Exam tips

    • Active site (enzymes ONLY) vs binding site for the rest of the proteins
    • There is a difference between activation energy and free energy of enzymes
    • For proteins that can withstand high temperature, mostly due to disulphide bonds
    • Highlight the bonds btw R groups affected due denaturation by high temperature and/or pH
    • Denaturation have 2 meanings: For proteins, disruption of the tertiary structure, causing the protein to lose its 3D conformation. For DNA, breaking of hydrogen bonds between complimentary base pairs causing the 2 DNA strands to separate
    • When given an enzyme graph, take note of the Y axis. Is it a rate of reaction or concentration of product, even concentration of substrate and adjust answers accordingly

    Questions and other matters

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