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9744, H2 Biology exams

Topic Guidance

Do’s and don’ts by topic covering both core and application content. Also includes useful resources specifically selected to enhance your understanding.



Some tips and ticks on how to be a more productive and effective student. As well as some commonly asked questions for prospective students.


H2 Biology Newsletter

FREE weeklies that goes into your inbox including short teaching videos to help clarify a concept in H2 Biology. Includes a 5 minute assessment of your knowledge.



Never too bio.

Hi, I am Benjamin Yang. I have been teaching since 2004. First in schools, then in tuition centers. I am now fully independent. I have mentored many who have gone on to find success in their lives.

You can read about Nicholas Chan, my H2 BIO tuition student in 2017 who is the first ITE student to make it into NUS medicine.

In between teaching, I published a peer reviewed scientific journal, worked in both Raffles Hospital laboratory and Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology.

Before teaching I earned a Bachelors double majoring in Pathology and Microbiology from Bristol University as well as a school sponsored Masters in Clinical Trials from London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

And I also found time to be part of a startup, DoctorPage that has since been acquired.

MR BENJAMIN YANG H2 Biology exams

updated as of 2024

H2 Biology exam info and tools

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New vs. Old syllabus

The new syllabus have been implemented since 2017. But many school teachers are still covering outdated content and doing so in the wrong format. Especially for paper 3 of H2 Biology exams.

What changed?

H2 Biology Resources

I have notes that is written as simple and easy to understand as possible to help the busy JC/private candidate. Together with other tools like ANKI cards and self-learning packages.


Student Productivity

Sometimes, there are things that stretches beyond biology. For e.g. the use of apps and digital tools to help automate mundane work so that you can focus on what is most important.

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why Vinessa found my teaching great for getting A in her h2 biology exams

Vinessa Martin, CJC 2020

Grade A, SMU Law


When I joined Mr Yang’s class after my MYEs in J1, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was doing pretty decently in Biology, oscillating between high Bs and low As in my tests and exams. However, I joined Mr Yang’s class with the hope that I will be able to secure a high A in my exams. With Mr Yang’s help, I achieved just that!

Mr Yang’s approach to the subject is far from conventional. Unlike other tuition teachers who simply teach the syllabus, Mr Yang doesn’t just teach us Biology. He teaches us how to excel in it. Having spent many years analyzing the syllabus, Mr Yang is extremely well versed with how our examiners set the papers.

As such, after ensuring that his students have a strong foundation in the subject, Mr Yang then shows us how to ace our exams by teaching us essential exam skills. He teaches us how to anticipate the kind of questions we will see, and how to craft the types of responses our examiners will be looking for. I have personally found his lessons on question analysis extremely useful, as they have helped me streamline my answers, ensuring that I not only excelled in my school exams, but also in my A levels!

Mr Yang goes above and beyond in every single lesson.

Not only does he ensure that we have a solid content knowledge through his constant quizzing, but he also strives to give his students a competitive edge in every way possible. Throughout the course of my two years in his class, he has taught the class many tips and tricks on how to optimize our exam performance by giving us advice on how to improve our lifestyle, from the way we sleep to the foods we should eat. The tips he’s given us have been invaluable, and have helped me to perform not only in Biology but in life as a whole.

All in, I do not think that it would have been possible to achieve my A without Mr Yang’s help. Apart from being an excellent teacher, Mr Yang cares about each and every student. He puts in special effort to ensure that no one is left behind in his class, and that everybody has a chance to participate and to learn. Although his rapid-fire questions and constant quizzing may seem intimidating at first, Mr Yang ensures that his classes are a safe and welcoming environment for every student to identify the gaps in their knowledge and to work on them. His endless dedication to helping his students achieve their best and his genuine care and concern for everyone he teaches make him a wonderful teacher. And I am very glad that I had him supporting me on the roller-coaster ride that was my A Level journey!