Travel hacking: starting the game

Recently I was telling my students about identifying the rules of the education game. Once the rules are established, then the next step is all about finding how to win that game. And that is when it becomes really fun.

On the same note, I find a lot of colleagues in education are super talkers but are mostly NATO (no action talk only).

So this is the challenge I am setting myself. To start from scratch finding the rules of travel hacking and earn the miles so that I can redeem them for premium cabin travel (i.e. business/first class air travel).

There are several reasons why I want to do this. Firstly, I want to show my students that lessons in the classroom can be used anywhere anytime outside of it. Secondly, I have never traveled in premium cabin ever and its one item of my bucket list (but one I item I would never pay out of pocket for). And thirdly, because of work and life, I have not traveled in the past 2 years. I wanted to start doing that and seek inspiration from the greater part of the world around me. Fourth, I want to earn enough miles to redeem it for premium cabin travel for my mum. She too has never been in it before and I want to gift her this experience. And finally, my partner has a wanderlust streak and I want to be able to do that together.

So there it is. This is day 0.

I have got 0 miles and 0 frequent flyer programs under my name. Only fueled by my aspirations and a knack for seeking out the rules. Let’s see where this leads me and i hope you join this journey with me. COMMENT.


  • On February 22, 2017