Travel hacking: starting the game [2018]

There’s a back story to me wanting to go into travel hacking and starting this journey:

One of the things I teach my students is to be exam smart. I help them figure out the rules of the exam game. And I help create checklists for them to use heading into the exams.

My students enjoy it tremendously now that they know what to do. And this reduces their exam anxiety, helping them to perform their best when it matters.

Identifying the rules is the first step. The next step is all about finding how to win that game. And that is when it becomes really fun.

And my students enjoy the fruits of their labor. The coveted ‘A’ grade for H2 Bio.

Whilst I am helping my students identify the rules to the exam game, I also want to flex my skills in another area.

The thinking is that if I can help my students find incredible value in their decision to seek my tuition services. Then perhaps I can apply the very same skills I teach into something else and gain incredible value out of it.

In the same period, I read an article about travel hacking by chance. In it, he details spending almost next to nothing for flying 1st class. As well as enjoying hotel stays I can only dream about for the same minimal fees.

At this point of my life after 3 plus decades, I have never been on business much less first class on any flight. Don’t get me started about hotels!

There are several reasons why I want to do this.

Reasons for wanting to do travel hacking

Firstly, I want to show my students that lessons in the classroom can transfer elsewhere!

Secondly, I want to the premium cabin experience! Its a bucket list for me (but one I item I would never pay out of pocket for).

Thirdly, because of work and life, I have not traveled in the past 2 years. I want to start doing that and seek inspiration from the greater part of the world around me.

Fourth, I want to earn enough miles to redeem it for premium cabin travel for my mum. She too has never been in it before and I want to gift her this experience.

And finally, my partner has a wanderlust streak and I want to be able to do that together.

So today is the day I join the ranks of travel hacking. This is day 0.

I have got 0 miles and 0 frequent flyer programs under my name.

Only fueled by my aspirations and a knack for seeking out the rules. Let’s see where this leads me and I hope you join this travel hacking journey with me.

What makes this journey exciting is that the rules are always changing. Where opportunities are fleeting but the rewards are high.

So, I will document which frequent flyer programs I join. Which airline I book. How I accumulate my points. How much I spend for what kind of experience. What mistakes I make.

I hope you can learn from this and you too enjoy the fruits of travel hacking.

See you at the other side! Tell me if this article has been useful.


  • On December 22, 2016