Congrats on joining the BYANG.tribe and welcome! The following instructions are for new H2 BIO students.

H2 BIO students contacting BYANG

I understand that sometimes it is frustrating trying to get to your school teacher who is never available when you need them. Or you don’t understand what they are trying to say. But you really want to get your questions sorted.

Take a snapshot of query (highlight the problem if you can) then send it over to me via whatsapp 98211861.

I cannot promise an immediate response. Because sometimes I am in class or prepping for class (to make sure they are awesome!). But I promise to get to you soonest possible.

H2 BIO students school questions repository

Additionally as a BYANG.tribe compatriot, you will gain access to school questions asked by your seniors from various H2 BIO topics. Exclusively only for you!

You only need to wait for the alert email to arrive in your inbox. This will happen after the class, telling you that you now have access.

In order to view the document, please download the iOS/Android/Mac/PC versions here.

H2 BIO students welcome gift

For those of you who religiously read all the instructions, CONGRATS for making it this far!

I am giving you a welcome gift!

I know that JC life in Singapore is hectic but you have to find a way to stay on top of things. As such, I am gifting you an e-book that guides you to drastically increase productivity.

I see seniors whose lives transform after implementing some of the strategies in the book. Allowing them to quickly finish subject syllabi and even exam preps.

All you have to do is to text me at the number above for a copy. Ask and you shall receive!