1. Introduction to infectious diseases
    • Infectious diseases is an extension JC2 topic in H2 BIOLOGY in A levels. This is a new topic students see in exams for the first time in 2017. It extents upon concepts in J1 of HIV, influenza virus seen in J1 as well as adding Mycobacterium tuberculosis. The topic investigates how these pathogens can cause disease and how the host immune system responds.

  2. Curated materials to help you

  3. Most common phrasing errors made by students during exams
    • Penicillin inhibits bacterial cell wall
    • Disseminated tuberculosis is the spread of tubercle to the rest of the body
    • Semi-synthetic penicillins are completely different from the natural penicillins and are therefore resistant to penicillinase

  4. Exam tips
    • Antibiotics ≠ antiviral drugs
    • You can use Tubercles and granulomas interchangeably
    • When describing the infections of HIV and Influenza virus for the new syllabus, remember to include details of the immune system

  5. Questions
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