You want to improve and need H2 BIOLOGY intensive revision

For those of you who are very weak in certain topics, I am conducting a series of H2 BIOLOGY intensive revision classes. These ad hoc sessions run in parallel to the main classes. Use this last opportunity to get ahead in exam performance. You can also develop a strong foundation for the basics so that you can leverage on it for harder J2 topics.


The class is free for existing students who want to make-up for missed classes. 80/session for current students currently attending regular classes who want to re-visit some of these topics missed out earlier. 100/session for others. Fees are payable on the day of the class by PAYNOW (details given upon registration). 2hrs/session.

For classes that are designated 3hrs, it is 100/session for current students attending regular classes and 150/session for others.

Academic materials will be provided.

Class format

I will cover the basic theory for some of the hardest concepts within the topic. Building the foundation and understanding for the topic and answer some of the most common questions pertaining to the topic. Where time allows go through review questions and common phrasing errors. In addition, each student works through a couple of sample TYS and school questions so that students gain confidence as well as acquire the ability to solve new problems.

H2 Biology intensive revision:

Molecular techniques I, II

What my student say after joining my H2 BIO TUITION

Vaarsha Nair (NJC 2017)
After getting back my promos results, my self-esteem was at an all time low. I had not done well at all, and was forced to drop one of my H2 subjects to H1. This was the point at which I joined Mr Yang’s class, in a bid to improve my grades. By the time the next exam rolled around, not only had I jumped two grades in Biology, my confidence had risen as well, thanks to Mr Yang. The commitment he has for his students and the assurance and encouragement he gives us every week was the reason for this. This had really helped ease mine and my parents’ minds, as they visibly noticed a change in my attitude towards studies and saw that I was much more motivated to do well.