Exams strategies class (3hr)
The class lists all strategies for exams. This include identifying question type, how to answer which type of questions, common misinterpretation mistakes for bio questions, troubleshooting your past exam grades by question type and error type. Do’s and don’ts for structure and essay questions. Classes are payable (S$100) on the day of the class and cash only (4 pax max). REGISTRATION CLOSED. See all of you on 10|8.

Special request classes (BY TOPIC)
The following topics are open for seniors who want to master or review concepts that are particularly confusing. Classes are payable (S$50) on the day of the class and cash only (4 pax max). Each class is 2 hours long and a selection of the toughest concepts will be covered together with a review of common phrasing errors and TYS questions (where applicable).
– Extension (Immunology/infectious diseases) FULL
J1 Catch-up
Request for topics

This is an FOC event. Organized to explore biology (or not!) outside of the official syllabus taking cue from movies/talks that have a strong message. It will be emotional. It will make you feel uncomfortable. It will get your heart beating a bit faster and hopefully inspire you about your future to come. AND it will definitely not be boring.
– Living with Parasites (COMPLETED)
Please look out for next one