Introduction to climate change

    • This is an extension JC2 topic in H2 BIOLOGY in A levels. This is a new topic examined for the first time in 2017. It covers concepts in global warming including the causes and the various effects.
    • The learning outcomes extends upon concepts such as photosynthesis, viruses and other infectious disease transmission as well as enzymes, diversity and evolution.

    A selection of materials for climate change

    Most common phrasing errors students commit during exams

    • Mosquitoes bite and transmit dengue virus
    • All Dengue viruses cause haemorrhagic fevers
    • Due to global warming all the plants will shift altitudinally upwards to adapt to a colder climate.

    Exam tips

    • Habitat ≠ niche
    • Biodiversity don’t just refer to genetic variation, it also include species and habitat variation

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