1. Introduction to cell organelles
    • Cell organelles is a core JC1 topic in H2 BIO A levels. This topic is foundation to the entire H2 BIO syllabus. It explores the microscopic appearance of cells, it’s contents, their corresponding functions and assigned names (plural/singular).

  2. Curated materials to help you

  3. Most common phrasing errors made by students during exams
    • Nucleolus consists of DNA´╗┐
    • Lysosomes contain lysozymes
    • The nuclear envelop is a bilayer
    • Mitochondria are sites of respiration and they produce energy

  4. Exam tips
    • Centrioles are not found in most plants
    • Transport vesicles are different from secretory vesicles
    • Cisterna and crista refers to structures in different organelles
    • When asked to label, check arrow # and give appropriate singular or plural forms´╗┐
    • Glycosylation of proteins begin in the RER vs. lipids in GA. What happens to the glycoproteins in GA is further/final chemical modifications as well as packing and sorting
    • It is not important to contrast animal and plant cells anymore but one should understand and be able to describe what structures makes plants unique e.g. chloroplasts and cellulose

  5. Questions
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