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GIFT BYang a coffee


I am deeply appreciative of YOU, taking time to gift BYang a coffee.

This will encourage me to continue what I do so that you can benefit from my future content.

gift byang a coffee

Learn about

How the coffee funds

will help me


Video and content production. So that I can keep the lights on a little longer and get more videos as well as newsletters and blogs uploaded consistently. Perhaps to hasten up the process, afford to pay for a productions personnel respectably. Currently I am paying out of my own pocket for everything and nobody is sponsoring anything. This costs about S$500 (≈USD369) per month.

Miscellaneous costs. This will cover the spend on web hosting, time spent on research, utilities, app subscriptions that help me with all that I do. Again this is drawn from my own pocket costing approximately S$100 (≈USD74) per month.

byang students using his h2 biology notes

You can choose

3 ways of gifting the coffee

Gift 1, 7-11 cup of coffee to keep that creative juices following

S$1.99 (≈USD1.47)

Gift 1, cup of Americano made with fresh, locally roasted beans

S$4.99 (≈USD3.68)

Gift a bag of beans so that he can make his own

S$14.99 (≈USD11.05)


What do I get for sending the coffee?

Lots of great karma. You are supporting an independent creator with no ulterior motives other than to help you with your journey.

In addition, you will get a personal email from me asking you what is the 1 content coverage you want so that I can produce content that directly addresses your preference.

For those who are gifting at higher tiers, you will get an additional personal alert when the content you requested is released with the URL for easy access.

For those who are gifting at the highest tier, I am at a loss for words. THANK YOU! And in addition to the above, you get to ask for multiple content preferences. And I will also send you a pack of videos. These are not released publicly comprising of background scenes, bloopers, exciting future plans etc. You are in the know far earlier than everyone else. Also, you get discount codes for products that I release.

But in any case, if you are not able to provide this kind of support, I UNDERSTAND. I am also a small ‘starving’ independent creator and I know what you go through. When you eventually make it, do remember me!

Is this a 1 time gift BYang a coffee?


Can I gift monthly?

No. It is not that I am not appreciative, but we are in a turbulent world right now and things can change month to month. Instead of forcing you to contribute monthly, why not you decide when you want to contribute. And if you constantly find value, then can contribute again in the following month on your own volition.

Can I support you more than that?

I don’t dare to ask for a carte blanche because I am still a small independent creator navigating the rocky digital landscape. But if you think that the value of my content far exceeds the gift options above, I will be overjoyed to accept a bigger support.