COVID-19 and H2 biology tuition updates

Because of COVID-19, this affects BYang’s H2 Biology tuition classes. As such, I would like to point my students here so that they get the latest update on class format.

H2 Biology tuition classes: interactive e-classes

If you like to read more about COVID-19 basics from me, let me point you there instead.

Here, I (BYang) am going to offer straight to the point best practices I implement for my current classes as well as the scientific reasons behind it.

Firstly, H2 Biology tuition classes are now fully digital.

Routinely, teaching recordings of classes are available on a weekly basis for current students to download at least 4 days prior to the class.

There will also be accompanying learning resources together with the teaching recordings. This will be in addition to the resources already available by topic on this website.

Students need to go through the material in their own time prior to the interactive class.

During the interactive sessions, I will revise the previous topics, answer any questions my students may have for the topic and then check students individually whether they have achieved understanding.

This will take place on the platform Whereby.

H2 Biology tuition classes: What is whereby and why

Whereby is a group video platform allowing me to conduct live interactive classes with my students.

This platform has advantages such as ease of use. Students only need to receive a URL for the session to gain access. No need to create login nor any accounts.

Access is available for multiple devices from each student so that the session can be efficient.

For example, the laptop for viewing the live session, the phone for speaking during the session.

The platform also ensures higher quality video casting is possible.

H2 Biology tuition classes: Why not use Zoom?

Some parents, colleagues and students point me to tools like Zoom that many schools are using?

I will not use it as there are serious privacy concerns with the tool.

In addition, reports like this about Zoom keeps happening.

Also, increasingly organizations are banning the application. New York City Schools as well as Elon Musk’s companies as well as the Taiwan government are the latest to do so with the list growing longer by the day.

Finally, for those of you who use Zoom, there has been a hack with personal details stolen. Please check here to see if your personal details are one of them, also to change your passwords if you share your passwords across many accounts.

H2 Biology tuition classes: Why not do physical classes?

As a person with a career emphasis in biology, I have a deeper understanding of the science of the current situation than most laymen.

Since the H2 biology syllabus covers infectious diseases.

It is even more pertinent for me to ‘walk the talk’.

And seeing the mismanagement of information as well as the pandemic. As well as appreciating the fact that, the current vaccines are not the silver bullets 👇🏻

And more importantly, the complete silence of alternate methods of control 👇🏻

I now place more emphasis on healthy living with rest, exercise and lots of sun exposure whilst minimizing being in crowds indoors as well as staying un-vaccinated.

This also mean that physical classes will run contrary to the infectious diseases principles I preach.

I do not want to place my students nor I at risk considering that my students are entering in the most important exams of their lives to date.

H2 Biology tuition classes: Online classes do not work!?

That is also saying that all physical classes are great!

This is obviously not the case and the situation is in large part dependent on both the student and the educator.

I have had plenty of engaging classes with my students as we delve into hot button issues as we cover the H2 Biology syllabus.

As well as some scolding sessions on the sloth exhibited by my students from time to time.

I also ensure that the setup and casting is top notch taking reference from professional YouTube and Twitch streamers who are at the top of their game.

You see, as an educator, I am constantly picking up skill-sets relevant to the times, and should I not be an example for my students as they prepare for their future?


In the meantime, here’s wishing that my students stay well and healthy as we weather through the infectious ordeal whilst attending BYang’s H2 Biology tuition.


  • On March 19, 2020