This section is for those who need an extra set of notes because the school notes are unreliable, full of errors or with too much information as well as write-ups that do not make sense. I have prepared notes that follows closely with the official SEAB syllabus in descriptive form that helps you to make sense of the topic. Also, I have included a concept map that draws out how the concepts of the topic are linked together. Once you have made the purchase (via PAYPAL) allow for a turnaround of 12 hours and check your email for the digital documents. All the best for your academic pursuits!

Notes and CMAP By Individual Topic (9.99/set)
1.1 The Cell (Microanatomy)
1.2 The Cell (Stem cells)
1.3 The Cell (Microbiology)
1.4 The Cell (Biomolecules)
1.5 The Cell (Enzymes)
1.6 The Cell (Cell membrane and transport)
1.7 The Cell (Cell division: mammalian)
1.8 The Cell (Cell division: microbiology)
2.1 Genetics (DNA replication & protein synthesis)
2.2 Genetics (Inheritance & variation)
2.3 Genetics (Microbiological variation)
2.4 Genetics (Genetics of bacteria)
2.5 Genetics (Control & organization of eukaryotic genome)
2.6 Genetics (DNA mutation & genetic diseases)
2.7 Genetics (Cancer)
2.8 Genetics (Molecular techniques)
3.1 Energy & Response (Cellular respiration)
3.2 Energy & Response (Photosynthesis)
3.3 Energy & Response (Cell signalling)
3.4 Diversity & Evolution
4.1 Extension (Immunology)
4.2 Extension (Infectious diseases)
4.3 Extension (Climate change)

Notes and CMAP By Group Topic (39.99/set)
1. The Cell
2. Genetics
3. Energy & Response + Evolution
4. Extension topics

Notes and CMAP, Complete H2 BIO syllabus (49.99/set)