Communication outside class hours
Create a Google+ account. Once you have done that, go on to my profile and add me to your contact list. Once you have been added by me, you will be able to send me questions anytime and have them answered. Remember to take photos of questions if it is part of a structure question etc. In addition, you will be able to access the answers to questions previously asked by seniors and arranged accordingly by topic (closed group and not publicly available).

Catch-up classes
It is understandable that you might feel a bit lost as you are introduced to the class. If you would like to catch-up may I suggest the examination strategies class?

Rescheduling of classes
There are 6 J2 classes. 3 in Bishan, 1 in Hougang, 1 in Kembangan and 1 in Jurong East. 2 J1 classes. 1 in Bishan and 1 in Kembangan. All the details about the class topic and what will be covered can be found here. If you are a J2 student, you can choose to makeup for the same lesson in an alternate class or you can attend a J1 class instead. Please call the center ahead of time to arrange the make-up sessions. Limited seats are available and students may be rejected if there is no prior notification and the class has reached maximum seating capacity.