4.1 EXTENSION (immunology)

  1. Bonus stuff to help you

  2. Most common phrasing errors
    • Lymphocytes produce antibodies
    • After the first exposure to a pathogen, the innate immunity develops memory
    • Tc cells kills intracellular viruses by causing the infected host cells to burst and die
    • All V and J gene segments coding for heavy and light chain variable domains are the same, in addition, D gene segments also code for heavy chain
    • Innate and adaptive immunity works separately, innate immunity contributes to primary response and the adaptive immunity contributes to secondary response

  3. Exam tips
    • Somatic hypermutation ≠ somatic recombination
    • T and B cells/lymphocytes can be used interchangeably
    • Lymphocyte activation ≠ proliferation ≠ effector function
    • Primary & secondary immune responses ≠ primary & secondary lymphoid organs and tissues