3.3 ENERGY & RESPONSE (cell signalling)

  1. Bonus stuff to help you

  2. Most common phrasing errors
    • Glucagon activates glycogen phosphorylase, insulin activates glycogen synthetase
    • Signal amplification is when 1 signal molecule can trigger many different reactions in a cell at the same time
    • When G-protein is activated, it changes conformation, resulting in hydrolysis/conversion/phosphorylation of GDP to GTP

  3. Exam tips
    • Adenylyl cyclase (US) = adenyl cyclase (UK) = adenylate cyclase (chemists)
    • There are many types of RTKs. If given a diagram, adapt your answers according to the diagram given
    • Relate the structure of GPCRs to their function; think of what is important about them structurally and correspond that to a specific function e.g. tertiary structure of the extracellular domain creates a specific 3D conformation which allows for binding to specific ligands etc