Lessons from the top-down? How educators should teach the right lessons

As an educator, I am disappointed that we have to tell Singaporeans to stealing lunches as a way to survive.

Why is it that we have to exhibit indecent behavior to get ahead? It is no wonder that the Oxley Rd saga has played out in such a manner and who the public is saying good things about is very telling when one looks at the big picture. I always believed that even if you want to get ahead of competition, you do what is right. Not by sabotaging the competition so that you can get ahead.

You win your competition’s heart. Not by stabbing them at their heart. You find a way to co-exist. Not by annihilating your competition. I believe in synergy. Where 1+1=3.

And this I try to inculcate in my classroom. When new students come in, it is not every man/woman for himself/herself. We do it together. We fight that fight together. If somebody is lagging because of a fall, we promise to stay our ground (jump to 12:56min) and hold each other’s hand.

Because the school system is constantly streaming and leaving students behind with their dreams broken and their hopes dashed, the responsibility is on us tutors to pick up the broken dreams and mend it. Pick up the burnt out hopes and light it back up. We are frequently the last line before some of these minds are lost forever. That’s an incredible opportunity to do good and that should be the motivation for becoming a tutor. COMMENT.



  • On July 11, 2017