Local versus foreign. The university debate

Most if not all of my students are fixated on entering into the local universities. But the odds are stacked against them.

Entrance criteria is like a toilet roll long for local universities (NUS vs. Cambridge). Even though NUS has not topped any league tables to date.

So to the local students. I say don’t close the door on gaining admission to foreign universities. And if you do plan that. You can actually skip all the nonsense project work, CCAs, donation drives, CIPs and other unnecessary extracurricular responsibilities forced upon you by your school teachers and spend those times freed up to gain mastery of your subject or explore you passions or even internships.

One viable option for example is HKU (disclosure: I did not come from this school and this is not a sponsored post). It is much cheaper compared to US/UK/Australia. And there are many scholarship options for Singaporean students. It’s closer to home and is even in the same timezone (+8 GMT). Entrance requirements? 3H2s.

As a Singaporean student entering into a foreign university. You have the Ace card in your hand. These universities want Singaporean students because of their international reputation as being some of the best performing maths and science students. They in turn draw more students to university therefore and the international visibility increases. So if you do well, you call the shots. You set the admission terms. Instead of the other way round. Why are you on your knees begging when there is somewhere else in the world ready to roll out the red carpet for you? COMMENT.


  • On May 23, 2017