And so says one of our education ministers

One of our education ministers recently said the following “skills would be sought after by employers in the new economy, and not paper qualifications“. Says someone from Raffles and LSE.

Yes that is true for general degrees but not for careers governed by a professional board. Like the medical doctors by the Singapore Medical Council, dentists by the Singapore Dental Council and both by the Ministry of Health, lawyers by the Council – The Law Society of Singapore and Ministry of Law. Teachers by the National Institute of Education and Ministry of Education. The list goes on.

For gaining admissions into the field, one cannot just have ‘skills’. They need to undergo a formal education always accompanied by a professionally recognized degree before they can even be considered for work in the field. Frequently (not always), their remuneration is higher than average, their employment opportunities are more secured. University programs associated with these careers are highly sought after and the most competitive.

So raising up the point about skills is completely moot.

Yes one need to have skills AND a university degree and this is what employers are looking for. Not either one of them. Definitely not just skills alone. And I don’t think anyone will believe what he says as he continues to justify why the need to cap university admissions to 30% of the uni-going population unless he goes on to support the point by having the government take lead and bring a skillful politician without a degree qualification to prove that it’s more important. COMMENT.


  • On May 12, 2017