Thoughts about JC mergers

The eduscape in Singapore is abuzz with the big news announcement of 8 JC mergers resulting in the closure of 4.

All 4 JCs that are due for closure are those that take in some of the lower if not lowest scores from O level graduates (i.e. poorest performing).

So how does this affect students? Those students who are less academically inclined but still would like to pursue the A level curriculum will have less choices and less chances of entering into a school who would accept them. I see this as MOE’s way of subtly pushing more into the polytechnic education, and subsequently having more students enter the SIT programs that are more niche and specialized. Better to have them equipped with a lifeskill then not, especially if they continue to do badly with subsequently admission rejection from the local universities.

All the IP programs and schools remain because these are where the crème de la crème studies. Their enrollment numbers are healthy and admissions will intensify now that everyone is aiming for lesser number of overall spaces for prospective students. I see that the PSLE will be the most important examination because majority of the seats for the IP/JC programs are secured by secondary 1.

So how does this affect tutors? The elitist are going to get more elitist where the bell-curve practice is maintained. Meaning it becomes harder and harder to get good results because of the bottom rung of performing students being taken out. I would see tutor demand for JC to increase in the near future. Having said that the demand on the tutor will increase as well. How good are you at the subject? What else can you bring to the table that will move the needle for your future students? Because frankly, there will likely be an exodus of teachers coming into private tutoring. If students can’t differentiate you from another, then they will likely not come to you. Because for them, this is their most important exam in their life, in their quest for university admissions. COMMENT.


  • On April 26, 2017