My thoughts about CCA in JC

I have seen so many JC students being overwhelmed with CCA in school so much so that they jeopardize their studies and when the dust settles, no CCAs are there to compensate for the lousy A level cert. And of course the teachers who forced these students into the CCAs in the first place will not take responsibility for it either.

My students routinely tell me how they are forced into CCAs with the teachers threatening them with failure to enter into University without.

That’s a load of bullcrap if you ask me. For the average student, the time is much better served gaining mastery of the A level content. Where time allows getting committed to activities outside of school is more fulfilling, pragmatic and has real world advantages because of the network gained as well as the opportunity to really make a difference.

CCAs in school is just a means for the teachers and school management to hit their KPIs and to brag about their achievement to the other schools. There is no concern over real development of their students in a holistic manner outside of academics which is the original intent. Instead, students are pushed into competitions.

For students who come to me asking for advice, I will direct them to various non-profit organizations that’s looking for volunteers and avoid school CCAs completely. There are so many of them. Some are academic, others are special interest groups, sports, activism, or those that help various types of less fortunate members of the society (the very young, old, single parent, poor, suicidal…) etc. These activities allow one to be engaged and the organizations are happy to write testimonials and provide certificates proving contributions. Most importantly, volunteers can decide how much commitment they are willing to contribute.

The school teachers and management will never tell their students these things. It’s in their interest not to. Otherwise they cannot justify the millions of dollars spent on the school facilities, the hour allocation for teacher duties etc whilst having an empty report card when MOE HQ officers come knocking. Or when the performance bonus is about to be distributed. No where in the grand scheme of things is there concern about student welfare and student interests.

If the school really cared about their students, I wouldn’t have made a career out of tutoring and caring for these students used and abused and discarded by the schools in the first place. COMMENT.


  • On April 05, 2017