The Maggie noodle nation (education edition)

Dr Chee Soon Juan recently talked about Singapore’s governance likened to Maggie noodles. And I think this mentality is pervasive in the society. Especially in my field.

There are 2 permutations of the quick fix mentality, they either come to me for help a few weeks before A levels or quit in a short time because they don’t see academic progression in school, because of poor performance in a single school test.

Deep within these students is a yearning for the pill, the neck crack, or a part replacement. A quick fix that will yield that desired grade.

Sometimes, it even happens. Sometimes, you find that it is only oil on the lenses and removing it clarifies your sight immediately. And this rare occurrence serves to encourage our dreams that all of our problems have such a simple diagnosis and an even simpler remedy.

Alas we learn that quick fixes never really fixes anything, and we learnt that too late. Especially in education.

Mastery of knowledge takes effort and time to acquire and has to be refined constantly.

The ones who appreciate this fact and have the grit and patience are the ones who are more successful later in life. COMMENT.


  • On March 22, 2017