Propaganda of ‘Academic results don’t matter’, why you shouldn’t buy in to it

I wonder if the government sees the irony in its own practices. Having achieved 154th place in world press freedom, it is actively trying to hone a 1 school of thought out of it’s citizens barring any alternative views. Yet on the other side, telling the same citizens not to chase after paper grades (i.e. diversify from that 1 school of thought).

To me, the game is still the same. Except the rules to the game have changed.

Yes, for IP schools, they have been told to abandon general academic ability tests. Instead they should focus on identifying sporting and artistic talent as well as students’ strength in specific areas such as languages, mathematics or science.

What that means to the layman: the student has to score well overall to be considered. IN ADDITION, he/she has to be particularly good at something (i.e. time to invest in Olympiad training) to secure a place in DSA (direct school admission), T&C applies.

What is not explained is that this exercise is not making it easier to get into good schools in Singapore. Because at the end of the day, the number of places are still limited and applicants frequently outnumber available places. What it means is that because everyone is scoring so well these days, applicants have to bring something extra to the table to secure admission.

Nobody mentioned anything about a straight D student who has gotten model citizen award for helping to save a life and hence be offered a golden ticket into medicine in NUS (which is the whole point of academic results don’t matter isn’t it?). COMMENT.


  • On March 15, 2017