Learning the rules of the education game

During the days when I was living in JB and commuting to Singapore, a Singaporean neighbor mentioned during a catch-up that he was determined to give his kids a wonderful childhood devoid of exam stress. If that means going to a neighborhood school so be it.

The ideology was bold. And I can also understand where he is coming from. Seeing some of my students drained from the hours in school and continuing with numerous tuition sessions afterwards, I can’t help but also wish that they get to enjoy a happy carefree time growing up.

But call me an optimist, I think having a tough and demanding schedule is also an opportunity for the young to learn and develop grit.

What is grit? It is the resilience one develops to pick himself/herself up after every failure and continue.

It is not uncommon to find those who have done well in life to have grit written all over their foreheads.

A lot of students know about grit. However not many realize that grit alone is insufficient to carry them through successfully in their life in the education system with some finding it out the hard way.

And that is what tutors like us try to do. We help our students navigate the education maze by developing their acumen to identifying the rules and making it work to their advantage whilst also trying to help them develop grit. And once that skill develops it can be used anywhere else in life. Which makes things really fun. COMMENT.


  • On February 22, 2017