Cutting through the noise, how to survive the ample supply of tutors in the market

We are everywhere. Tutors, tuition agencies, tuition centers, flyers, name cards, etc. Everyone is vying for the prospective student. And you are one of them. So am I.

You as a tutor, you’re trying to get through all the noise and the distraction and the clutter with your message of hope of achievement for your prospective student/s. So is every one else.

And here’s the sobering fact: you are the noise and the distraction and the clutter.

Just because it’s important to you doesn’t mean it’s important to prospective students.

Instead of creating an ad campaign that tries too hard to cut and invade, consider creating awesome classes and a story that prospective students will miss if they couldn’t find it. Even if it is for the only student in class. Too often tutors come into the industry thinking what is in it for them rarely thinking about how they can help their students out. And ironically prospective students are thinking that very same thought. COMMENT.



  • On February 08, 2017