Results are in, which Uni should I choose?

Results season is approaching, with the imminent release of A levels after the IB. So most will be thinking about which University and course to go to. Some have set their sights overseas whilst the great majority are looking for an admission into a local university program.

I hope to provide my 2 cents so that prospective students can have another point of view for reference.

Recently, news of layoffs in the private sector are increasing. And I think prospective students should lookout for a university that has future employability of their students in mind (look for evidences not brochures paying lip service).

Unfortunately, this is something that is frequently lacking.

In fact how some of the faculty members are behaving is very telling as well.

My point is, sometimes instead of opting directly for a course and university why not eliminate the choices until the last one? When you are doing the elimination, you will have to come up with the rational behind striking the choice out (I provided one reason earlier).

In my experience, a lot of students find to their dismay they have jumped into a decision without weighing alternatives and begin to get disillusioned after commencing a course which they have to suffer through in the following few years. Because of the intensity and commitment of some of the courses (e.g. medicine and the medical undergraduate agreement), there is no way for turning back without financial repercussions. And so these students end up trapped. For some, the unhappiness persists into their career. COMMENT.


  • On January 10, 2017