Try a different approach the next time you prep for an exam

You can practice shooting 8 hrs a day, but if your technique is wrong, then all you become is very good at shooting the wrong way.
Michael Jordan

Many students are perplexed why is it that they are not getting the grades they want because they were diligent and putting in effort in exam preparations. The Michael Jordan quote above states it perfectly.

If you are one of these students, ask yourself how have you been studying for your exams? If you have been doing the same thing in previous exams then you will likely not get anywhere. Change something in the prep and see if it works, you will get closer and closer to your winning formula.

This is an important skill I learnt when I was doing scientific experiments in a research institute prior to commencing my teaching career. When I first learnt how to do a southern blot (this is one of the many genetic engineering techniques) no bands turned up at all so something somewhere was wrong. Unfortunately (or fortunately), repeating the steps exactly as before was not going to fly because it involves radioactive work and I want as little exposure as possible (of course these days there are safer alternatives).

So I consulted the experienced colleagues, followed them through their own Southern blot experiments, reviewed each of my steps, stimulated the flow of the experiment, identified the causal factors. Changed it and viola the DNA bands I so wanted appeared the next try.

Doing the experiment was pretty straight forward. But the problem solving was not. It took a great deal of effort and I have to keep myself from just pursuing the easy way out by repeating the whole experiment again.

So for all of the students out there. I know its tempting to just reread, review and rewrite your school notes prepping for school exams. But this time, instead of doing that, may I suggest that you investigate, find the root cause/s of the under-performance and change the way your prepare for exams?

Alot of students are going through big exams right now and I hope that you will find your peak performance and graduate with a spectacular outcome. COMMENT.


  • On November 07, 2016