How the education system distracts its stakeholders

All the government entities run pretty much the same way. Reactionary firefighting rather than forward looking. Recently, it was reported that LTA is dressing up some of the trains to Deepavali tastes.

There was a lot of cheering going on. Our fellow Indian brethren are pleased about it and so is the society at large. Because we are showcasing solidarity and race unity.

That is all fine and dandy except that there were 9 incidences of delays because of faulty somethings (too many to list) within the same month. And at the time of writing, yet another fault developed earlier in the morning. What is the point of public transportation if it cannot transport the public across the tiny island of 719.1 km²?

The incumbents like to compare so let’s make a comparison. Hong Kong has an area of 1,104 km². Sitting in front of my desk and checking for major service delays or faults in October 2016? NONE. They transport 4.563 million/day whilst Singapore transports 2.9 million/day.

So instead of counting those embarrassing numbers, we are served with distracting news about train decorations and nothing about what we are going to do. In Hong Kong, there was government inquiry and a formal report publicly available that holds the CEO responsible.

This practice of distraction is not uncommon in the schools also.

Instead of focusing on the quality of teaching the management imagine new activities to distract the students away from the inabilities. Consequently, students are stacked with unnecessary school pre-occupations. Poor students don’t even have time to think about the inadequacies.

So when an uninformed person raised up concerns like this, I get very annoyed. Instead of blaming the tuition industry why not tackle the inadequacies of the education system? Why not take those who are in-charge of it to task?

Don’t shoot the messenger because after all, we have our students best interest in mind. COMMENT.


  • On October 24, 2016