The one doing the Tai Chi

I never read local broadsheets for factual reportage. But when I am stuck with nothing to do (being trapped in MRT because of yet another failure) reading the local broadsheets become entertainment.

This article that I chanced upon was indeed entertaining.

When I first clicked on the article, I was half expecting the Cathay to announce their closure (like finally). But it was more about documenting their struggles with no real outcome at the end. What was amusing was the tenants and the mall management playing the blame game. So much so I think even the writer was a little lost amongst the finger pointing.

It seems silly but this is not uncommon in the schools also.

Instead of throwing down the gauntlet and DO everyone wants to SAY something instead. Everyone has an idea and everyone wants their 5 minutes in front of an audience. Saying is easier than doing. And nobody is doing the hard work of teaching.

I have a close ex-teacher turned full time tutor friend who was requested to help out a school recently because a colleague went on maternity leave and students are heading into major exams. This friend later mentioned that whilst he was deep in the midst of material and class prep in the staff room, everyone else was preoccupied discussing about an upcoming school charity event (groans yet another one of those) with disagreements etc that took the greater part of the afternoon session.

It is no wonder the students seek out tutors outside of the school because that is where learning takes place. Because outside the school, you don’t waste time on someone else’s projects (for JC|IP students, PW!) but you do things that matter. It is no wonder the school teachers who are keen on teaching are continually drawn to the tuition industry. Because what the tutors are doing on a daily basis is why and what they signed up for. COMMENT.


  • On October 17, 2016