The one with the God complex

Recently I was invited to a friend’s birthday dinner. Ended up all the guests who attended, are related to the teaching profession one way or the other. Amongst them was an NIE (the institution that trains all Singaporean Ministry of Education school teachers) professor.

I was awed by his domain knowledge but also at the same time appalled by his God complex.

He mentioned that part of his job was to be assessed on his teaching competency and in a condescending tone mocked the whole exercise and went to say how he escaped the whole ordeal by typing out his own evaluation since the exercise is not supervised.

I write this as a reminder to myself that I should not be unteachable. How can a teacher be effective in teaching if he/she doesn’t have a teachable mind? Looking back at the previous year, I do think that I am still shitty and aim to be even better the next year. I hope that every new academic year, I improve at various aspects of teaching and continue to do so throughout my teaching career.

Because I think there are so many facets of teaching that can be improved, be it in motivation, pastoral care, domain mastery, material quality, lesson plan, technology, assessment, student rapport etc. If I am better at what I do, then my students can find renewed enthusiasm, courage and mental agility to tackle challenges that they face. Isn’t that what teaching is all about? COMMENT.



  • On October 11, 2016