Are you are a radical?

Just because it is dark, it doesn’t mean we’re in an underground tunnel.

Often (hilariously might I add) it means that no one has bothered to turn the lights on.

When I was teaching in school, it certainly felt like that. Many colleagues were really looking at the job as a means to cruise through life with quite a decent amount of remuneration (in Singaporean standards). Going through the motions like a tape recorder replaying for the nth time.

Once in while a radical teacher appears. One who’s fed up with the darkness and who is determined to go hunting for the light. And once that light comes and illuminates the classroom, the experience becomes magical for the students and the students begin to wonder why they had to tolerate the darkness all these times.

Are you that radical and one who does good by your students? I wish you all a belated happy teachers day. COMMENT.



  • On September 12, 2016