Frank Ocean and the MOE

The ingenuity of Frank Ocean has inspired many anti-establishment types like me. I loved how he gamed the system following the rule to the letter yet managed to craft his own ideals in-spite of.

So the story was that he had a 2 album contract obligation. The first was one he released to great acclaim and the second follow-up was a more downbeat visual story telling with accompanying music (the decoy album). A really cool concept on its own. But the twist was that he was secretly working on his own 2nd album (the real one) and taking advantage of his fame as well as the marketing muscle of a 3rd party (Apple music), released the real album almost immediately after the decoy album.

Teachers, especially those that champion for their students should use plenty of this strategy in school. Whilst there are plenty of resources and opportunities available to students not everything the student experiences in school is for their benefit. Students are frequently forced into activities possibly to advance someone’s agenda towards a performance bonus or promotion into management.

Instead of wasting time on such activities, find a way around it and bring in more fun as well as learning-rich activities both inside and outside the classroom.

Frank Ocean’s story also proved that one doesn’t need the establishment because of the democracy of digital platforms that obliterated the need for a middle man (i.e. record labels). Amazon might be seen as the enemy of independent bookstores, but it allowed many unknown authors to flourish and distribute their material without going through the gatekeepers (publishers). Ditto for YouTube for aspiring singers and entertainers.

In a world of digitization and easy access to tools, one increasingly needs lesser of hard skill-sets and increased ability to problem solving by searching out solutions and self-direct learning to acquire such skills to immediately solve problems. Putting one and one together. There is where the real teaching work is.

Likewise on the same vein, I see MOE as antiquated. Where teachers of the future depend lesser and lesser of the school and move themselves towards digital tools instead. Free from bureaucracy and rules and more of teaching the next generation what they need to survive in this world. I hope one day education can happen in-spite of the school or MOE. That there be many Frank Oceans. COMMENT.



  • On August 29, 2016