MOE doesn’t want Singaporeans going to any private school

The school going cohort is getting smaller annually for some time now. This has put immense pressure on MOE because of their enormous headcount. And that is not forgetting the ecosystem that depends it (NIE, NIE trainees, administrative staff, service providers, construction industry that helps to build new schools or renovate the older ones, etc). So right now every Singaporean school going children counts.

So it is not surprising when it was announced recently that private schools need explicit permission to admit local students.

The ministry cannot be seen as allowing locals the option of choice. Especially when it involves students departing the MOE system to go into alternative schooling systems. Because some of these schools really care for their own students. What if the local students succeed in such schools *gasps*.

So who will get the coveted permission to gain admission into such schools? The worst students that MOE cannot handle. These kids, the worst performers drag the national averages down anyway and are not easy to handle. So the private schools can be the ‘dumping ground’.

It is no wonder that people outside of Singapore routinely see glowing reports of the education system in Singapore consequently. COMMENT.


  • On August 15, 2016