Why school teachers suck at teaching (2)

I don’t have sympathy for MOE despite knowing the ministry have a lot on its plate. Because they force schools to keep up appearances so that the latter can be used as positive examples for the rest of the world.

The first casualty of the whole appearance game unfortunately (and surprise) is the teachers. Should the school teachers only have to focus on teaching from tomorrow onwards, I bet you I will immediately lose my rice-bowl and the tuition industry will immediately turn belly up.

School teachers are treated like shit (want an example? read this). There I said it. Majority of them start out being bonded to MOE and the superiors know it. So they start tai chi’ing all kinds of scut work to them because they know there is nothing the fresh grad teachers can do about it. They can’t leave without completing the bond otherwise they get slapped immediately with penalty repayment terms. Most can only soldier on unhappy, disgruntled, overworked until they are burnt out. The rest just switch off when they are at work, looking forward to when they can pack up and leave for the day.

I remember my ex-colleagues when I was in school. The more senior ones. Talking to them is like to talking to a cesspool of negative energy. Why are they this way? Because they were once young and were treated like shit. As years pass by the negative energy grows because they don’t have industrial value nor an exit strategy to try their hand on something else.

With no where else to release this negative energy, they pass it on. To new fresh grad teachers and to the students. So students, who are right at the end of the pecking order will have to suffer through lifeless classes where their teachers read straight out of PowerPoint slides who are disinterested about the students who then become disinterested about studies.

Will it ever change? Perhaps. When the MOE change their KPI to the gross happiness index of teachers. COMMENT.


  • On August 01, 2016