How tuition and formal schooling should evolve

Every year experienced teachers leave MOE to go into the tuition industry and new teacher trainees fill their roles. Overtime, the tuition demand goes up because the students are learning and making academic progress after attending tuition classes. They find the classes interesting, clear and motivational and in contrast school classes are drab, teachers read off their powerpoints and have shallow understanding of what they are supposed to teach.

As absurd as it may sound, I think it makes sense for the tuition industry to take over the education of our youth and the schools instead focus on exploratory development of the students because they cannot seem to get the education bit right. Rather than jeopardize the future of students, school should seek to develop skills and inculcate ethics and values so that they will be able to find a means of survival after school years leaving the education bit to the seasoned tutors.

On that front, this recent article of Admiralty Secondary School is precisely, why schools should pursue this form of education. Because they have the resources to set up fancy high tech spaces and are able to bring industry players into the fold whilst seasoned tutors have less resources but are good at lesson delivery and exam coaching.

Instead of demonizing the tuition industry, recognize that it is indeed an important pillar of education and reassign the priorities of the incompetent school teachers so that they can actually be useful in the development of the students. What do you think? COMMENT.


  • On July 18, 2016