Childhoods are lost because kids attend tuition?

This is plain insulting and the broadshXts of Singapore keep publishing negative reports about tuition. Nary a peep and how the formal education system is failing the kids.

Recently, a response article was published, blaming the lost childhood of kids on the hours spent on tuition.

I do not know how the logic is derived because my students spend up to 2 hours on average with me (younger students I hear spend even less time or they have >1 subject in that 2 hours). And that is 2 hours in a week. A kid must attend 3 separate sessions minimum a week to equilibrate with the hours spent in a school day and we are not talking about where learning is really taking place yet.

How many hours do students spend time in school? At least 6 hours a day without considering the extra classes, extra curricular activities, extra duties in school, overseas programs during the holidays, oh and since National Day is coming, countless students pushed to participate in that including all the rehearsals outside school hours. Don’t get me started about the flag days where students go out roaming the streets trying to collect donations etc…

Ask any student out there and they will be complaining about meaningless activities they are forced to attend to. So I am really perplexed as to how the conclusion is made.

The author perhaps have mistaken between the 2 and if so, yes I agree the school is indeed robbing our children of their childhood. COMMENT.


  • On July 11, 2016