The company you keep should be important motivators

I tell my students when I am teaching that we are a team. The BYANG tribe against the rest of the world. When I do that I want to foster team spirit and a source of motivation for my students. That they know that they have each other. The journey is a bit less daunting for a very tough road that is the Singapore version of A levels.

I also encourage my students to tell each other about their GO UP goals (i.e. what they want to achieve @ A levels and beyond). This goes against traditional schooling wisdom where its one man for himself/herself… Not telling anyone you intend to get an A, win a scholarship or get into Medical school. That’s because your friends get jealous, or insecure on your behalf, or afraid of the change your change will bring.

But here’s the thing: If that’s the case, you need better friends. A common trait among successful people is that they have friends who expect them to move on up. COMMENT.


  • On June 20, 2016