A case of why schools suck

Recently, I have been accosted by students in every single corner of the MRT stations, leading to and from asking for donations. Long time ago when the idea was first mooted, it likely had kind intentions. Getting the students out of the school spending time doing something good for the community.

Unfortunately, it has turned into something of a farce. Students are forced to go for such events and when they do, they have absolutely no motivation nor understanding of the activity. Many spend their time laughing it off. I bet some of the rest don’t even have an inkling which organizations they are asking the donations for. Almost everyone is curling their brows and swearing at the unrelenting hot weather and their luck.

Why not teach the students about principles of marketing? Challenge them to see what creative ways they can think of and execute to get donation money instead of relying on the old methods. Nobody is looking around anymore. Everyone walking on the streets these days glued to a phone and staring into it. Shouldn’t the donation drive go digital instead?

The world is rapidly moving along yet, our schools are not adequately training students for the future. Instead pushing them to do things that are not relevant, nor stimulating the young minds.

It is no wonder that students are actively looking for extra help outside of the school where lessons seem more useful, more interesting and more engaging. COMMENT.



  • On June 06, 2016