Strategies for exams

As a tutor, I teach subject content to my students. But far more important and valuable to my students, I help them strategize as well as analyze the psyche of the examiner. I’d give an example from my daily life to explain this.

The economy rice stall is a convenient stop to get a variety of dishes for a meal and it is easily the stall with the highest turnover of patrons in a day. These days when I pack dinner, I would deliberately ask to remove the rice. I have reduced my carbohydrate intake not because it is in-vogue now, but because there are strong scientific reasons to do so.

Without rice, I get to choose 1 more dish that would end up with me paying about the same cost. In addition, without rice, the stall uncle or auntie subconsciously would be giving me a larger portion. All things being equal, if they were to give me the same portion as they would with rice, the package or plate would end up looking really miserable. So they will go on to fill it. Don’t believe me? Go try it yourself and compare the 2.

In acing exams, the unspoken is just as if not more important as subject content. A lot of students fail to realize that or do not have the foresight to come up with the strategies. Same goes to the school teachers because they are busy trying to fulfill their non-teaching KPIs. So this leaves space (niche) for us tutors to help.

This also differentiates some of us stand out from the rest of the tutors who are acting like the teachers in their student’s schools. COMMENT.


  • On May 31, 2016