Do not read the news for updates in MOE syllabus!

Straits times reported about the syllabus changes for A level BIO not too long ago. Errors abound on the reportage at least for the subject that I teach (H2 BIO).

Halfway into the article, it was mentioned topics with real world context were added and 2 others (cell division and the control of gene expression) “were taken out of the syllabus”.

No! The 2 topics were not taken out and they are 2 important components of the syllabus. Majority of the learning objectives remain for the core syllabus although they are re-organized or reworded or condensed.

It is in times like these that I wish the broadsheets will stay out of education. Leave the changes to the teachers and the tutors to explain to their students instead. Otherwise everyone end up being confused. But then again, these days nobody bothers about them really because everybody knows that they are but a biased RSS feed with no meat. We have learnt since to go onto the internet (ironically non-Singaporean sources mostly) to look for solid reporting about Singaporean instead. COMMENT.


  • On May 24, 2016