Why school teachers suck at teaching

It is not unusual to see articles like this reflecting the feelings of students as they attend elite institutions hell-bent on keeping up the appearances to boost or maintain competitive enrollment.

It also shows how the education institutions have departed from their original mission. I say this is unavoidable. With the introduction of meaningless KPIs for school teachers, those who want to get promoted delve on the non-education responsibilities because this is how they get promoted or receive their performance bonuses. Not actual quality of teaching.

When the attention divert away from education, student grades begin to suffer and they all seek out tuition en masse. As they start performing in school again, the teachers then have a false sense of achievement because the pass rates and A grades are something they can report.

When that happens naturally the KPI will shift away from teaching to something else. And so it starts a vicious cycle.

The elite schools depend and need the tuition industry even more than the latter needs it. COMMENT.


  • On May 23, 2016