2 kinds of star tutors and with whom should a student look for help

There are a very small handful of ultra-successful tutors in Singapore who have big student numbers as well as the associated big income. When newspaper articles mention them (frequently with their associated income), people drop their jaws and think to themselves they want in on the action. They want to earn that kind of income too.

Of course one of the ways to achieve the income is to strive for student performance. When students perform, they are a good reflection on the capability of the tutor involved. He is one such example.

However, I think that student performance cannot be the ONLY yardstick for measuring how ‘good’ a tutor is. Because this creates a vicious cycle.

When students start to do well, the tutor will subsequently become more popular. When they are more popular, availability become more limited. Because of market demand, the tutor can then up the ante on charges. This weeds out the more average students leaving a streaming of elite top dollar paying students. To them, the money is well worth it. That cannot be said for an average family whose parents are middle to lower income earners worried about their job stability.

In fact the tutor above-mentioned goes on to state how many top students have congregated using terms such as ‘the Rafflesian royal flush’ etc .

I want to highlight a completely different tutor who is another super-tutor in Singapore. In contrast, there is no testimonial nor achievements list anywhere on the official website. The fees are also much lesser in contrast.

With these 2 very different tutor examples (though they are not teaching the same subjects), who in your opinion is a better tutor? With whom do you think students will grow under their tutelage? COMMENT.


  • On May 09, 2016